DGN Foundation Bracelets

I wanted to take a minute to share these cool ‘Driven to Survive’ bracelets that we recently made over here at Marked Promotions for our good friend Donnie Neuenberger.


These steel ‘cuff-style’ bracelets sport a nickel finish with a flexible fit and make for an elegant, highly polished fashion item.

The outside of the bracelet sports the ‘Driven’ logo mark….

and the inside sports Donnie’s name and the foundation website.


Just a little in the way of background – The Donnie Neuenberger Foundation is a non-profit 501c organization which was established by NASCAR race car driver Donnie Neuenberger.


Donnie first began his contribution to the families and children with cancer in 2005 after returning to NASCAR racing just 10 months after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer. Donnie developed an annual fundraiser to provide support to children who were undergoing treatment.


Donnie feels if he can serve as a positive role model for those going though their own treatment it will serve as motivation for others to also return to a healthier life.


The Donnie Neuenberger Foundation was Donnie’s next step to continue his support of families and children with cancer. His commitment is to aid both the physical and financial for those in need. Donnie understands first-hand how difficult it is to successfully manage cancer and the effects it has on the family.


I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Donnie on a few projects since I’ve joined the team over here at Marked Promotions and I cannot speak highly enough of the guy. He’s a truly warm spirit and a kind personality that just fills the room.


Keep up the good work Donnie!


For more on the Donnie Neuenberger Foundation click HERE

For a direct link to purchase a bracelet from Donnie’s web store click HERE


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